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 Which Bike?

There are many steeds you may choose to successfully complete the Raid; your key concern is to make sure you have the appropriate gearing to address the climbs (see Course section for climb profiles). Beyond that, you want to be on a bike that is ride-ready and prepared for both asphalt and packed gravel riding, some tips:

  • Road Bike (OK) –You would want 25mm or wider tires (28’s are best, rough service types – Armadillos, Gatorbacks, Ruffy-Tuffys etc. – are not a bad idea). We have ridden this course on a road bike and can assure you that this would be an excellent option. Really.
  • Cyclocross or Gravel Bike (Oh, Yass!) – Out of the crate, just hop on and ride. Have you been thinking of buying a ‘cross or gravel bike? Well, here’s your excuse!  ‘Nuff said.
  • Mountain or Fat Bike (Not recommended) – Look, we love mountain bikes & fatties and there are all sorts of things you can do to make them perform better on the road. Better is a relative term though, they’re still inherently slow on asphalt and a bear up extended climbs on any surface. If you’re cool with slow then we are too. But it’ll be a loooong day in the saddle and you might miss the party.


Some important words about Self-Seeding and your Pace:

We will be sending riders out in groups, every few minutes, based on their self-seeding pace. We will be sending lower-paced riders out first, shooting to have the bulk of all riders returning to the after party in the same time frame.

Minimum pace – You must be capable of a 12mph average or higher to participate in this event.

So, what is your self-seeding pace? For our purposes, use your MPH average for a typical road ride. During the online registration process we will offer you a choice of 2MPH increments from which to choose. Don’t let your ego get in the way here; “padding” your average only means you could be late to the party (starts winding down around 2PM). This isn’t a race, it’s a ride. Your self-seeding just helps us operate the ride efficiently. Thanks.


Will I be Timed?  

No – this is a ride not a race, chill.