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 Which Bike?

There are many steeds you may choose to successfully complete the Raid; your key concern is to make sure you have the appropriate gearing to address the climbs (see Course section for climb profiles). Beyond that, you want to be on a bike that is ride-ready and prepared for both asphalt and packed gravel riding, some tips:

  • Road Bike (OK) –You would want 25mm or wider tires (28’s are best, rough service types – Armadillos, Gatorbacks, etc. – are not a bad idea). We have ridden this course on a road bike and can assure you that this would be an excellent option. Really.
  • Cyclocross Bike (Best)– Out of the crate, just hop on and ride. Have you been thinking of buying a ‘cross bike? Well, here’s your excuse!  ‘Nuff said.
  • Mountain Bike (Nope)– Seriously, don’t do it. We love mountain bikes and there are all sorts of things you can do to make them perform better on the road. Better is a relative term though, they’re still inherently slow on asphalt. If you’re cool with slow then we are too. But it’ll be a long day in the saddle and you might miss the party.


Some important words about Self-Seeding and your Pace:

We will be sending riders out in groups, every few minutes, based on their self-seeding pace. We will be sending lower-paced riders out first, shooting to have the bulk of all riders returning to the after party in the same time frame.

Minimum pace – You must be capable of a 12mph average or higher to participate in this event.

So, what is your self-seeding pace? For our purposes, use your MPH average for a typical training ride. During the online registration process we will offer you a choice of 2MPH increments from which to choose. Don’t let your ego get in the way here; remember, fast goes out last and “padding” your average only means you could be late to the party! This isn’t a race, it’s a ride. Your self-seeding just helps us operate the ride efficiently. Thanks.


Will I be Timed?  

No – this is a ride not a race, but…….

There are several Strava segments out there and we’ve flagged a couple of them so you’ll know when to hammer (if you choose)!

Strava is a free* application; it allows you to upload your ride information via your iPhone, Android or dedicated GPS device, then provides tools for you to analyze and quantify your performance. Better, Strava makes fitness a social experience, providing motivation and camaraderie even if you’re exercising alone.

*– The Strava free version is cool and fine for the Raid but their Premium version is affordable and includes some nifty features. It’s highly recommended!

Check out Strava today.