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SATURDAY Jun 5 – Packet pick up 3:00-6:00PM Independent Fabrication 55 Main St Newmarket.

SUNDAY Jun 6 – Packet pick up opens at 7:30AM, ride rolls at 9:00AM – Newmarket High School 213 S. Main St Newmarket



Description – Based out of the historic mill town of Newmarket NH, home of Independent Fabrication,  the event offers participants not only an incredible day of riding but also a custom rider gift and an after-party spread featuring mouth-watering grub and craft beer! The Independent Fabrication Bike Factory is nearby and open the Saturday before the ride. Please contact the Bike Factory at (603) 292-6508 to confirm hours of operation.

Where: Newmarket High School 213 S Main St, Newmarket, NH 03857

Park: Plenty of parking at the High School and nearby Elementary School lots.

When:  Sunday June 6, 2021 – packet (rider bib & instructions) pick-up opens at 7:30AM

How:  The ride may be conducted on a properly prepared bicycle (see Tech page).

Start: First riders depart at 9AM (wave departure based on self-assigned pace, see Tech page).

Routes: Self-navigated; cue sheets will be provided (see Course page).

Register: Online registration is subject to deadline. For more information see the Registration page.

Field Size? – we are limiting registration to 500 riders.

Party: The ride finishes at The Stone Church Music Club and they’ll host a great post-ride party for us. The party starts around 11AM and starts winding down at 2PM, plan accordingly! Note: The Stone Church is approx. 4/10ths of a mile from the Start venue, a short ride back after the party. We will have a bag drop at the Start if you’d like a change of clothes at the finish.

Contact: Any questions contact



  • When is the Raid?
    The event takes place Saturday September 19, 2020 with first riders departing at 9AM. Packet (rider bib & instructions) pick-up opens at 7:30AM.
  • Where is the Raid?
    The event starts at Newmarket High School and finishes at The Stone Church Music Club, high atop Zion Hill (“the Rockenberg”) in Newmarket NH.
  • Is the Raid a race?
    Absolutely not; this is a personal challenge ride. Riders of all abilities are encouraged to participate and to complete the route at their own pace.
  • How old must I be to participate?
    You must be at least 18 years of age to ride, 21 or older to be served beer!
  • What kind of bike do I need to participate?
    A properly prepared bike is the key to your enjoyment, anytime! In choosing a bike for this ride you are directed to the Tech page on this web site.
  • How do I get ready for the ride?
    The most important element to your enjoyment of the ride is your preparation, so make sure your bike is in tune and you train properly. Also, practice suffering!
  • When do I roll off?
    The staged start sends groups of similarly-trained riders off at the same time. For more detailed information visit the Tech page on this web site.
  • Do I have to wear a helmet?
    Yes, all participants are required to wear a US DOT approved or CPSC standard helmet during the entire ride.
  • Do we follow rules of the road while we are cycling?
    Yes, riders must follow the rules of the road. All traffic signs and operations must be acknowledged and center-line violations may result in ejection from the event. For more information about safe group ride practices please see the NH Bike Walk Alliance brochure here.
  • What about route safety?
    There may be some volunteer course marshals at major intersections but it is up to you to ride safely! Please observe “rules of the road” and use caution while you are out there. 
  • I signed up for the 60-Mile route but decided to ride the 45-Mile route, OK?
    Sure! If you make that decision before the ride let us know; otherwise, you can decide while you ride. The 2 routes split right after the first rest stop at Mile 20 and the split will be prominently marked. For those riders who reach that rest stop after 11:30AM we make the decision for you, it’s the 45-Mile route for you!
  • Where are the rest stops?
    For this ride there will be one rest stop (incl food and beverage options) at approximately Mile 20 for both routes and a Hydration Station with snacks at approx. Mile 40 for the 60-Mile riders. Both stops have port-o-potties in place.
  • What’s provided at the rest stops?
    At the 20-mile Rest Stop there will be food and beverage options (water & sports drink), a port-o-potty and a first aid kit. The Hydration Station has water & sports drink, re-fuel snacks plus a port-o-potty.
  • What about the weather?
    We’re hearty New Englanders and roll rain or shine!
  • What if I decide not to ride? We will miss you but Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.